About Us

About Us

We are a diverse group of professionals, which collectively has depth of expertise in the domains for which we implement games. And we are supported by a great team of IT professionals.

We became all too well aware that there are a number of very important lifestyle themes where conventional education is failing. Our aim, through the Cyclic Digital platform, is to use the power of mobile games to fill this gap by delivering worthwhile education subliminally.

We implement each game country by country. For each game in each country, we enter into cooperations with a small number of corporate sponsors which can have their relevant products embedded within. Each game is implemented for playing in the local language and reflects the distinctive cultural aspects of the target market.

Through these sponsorship co-operations and with well-proven mechanisms for achieving viral uptake, we look to deliver, in a highly effective way, valuable lifestyle education to very large numbers of people who have fun along the way.

About Us
Cyclic Digital games – an overview

Flexibility on game format

We are happy to work with the sponsors (and most notably the anchor sponsors – the first contracting sponsor in a country) on the way the game operates. The key, of course, is that the game is fun for the players, while also adopting a format that is conducive to the particular version of Cyclic Digital; while also delivering on the objectives of the sponsors well too.


Each of our games allows gamers to play solo or with up to three others. The facility for players to introduce and invite others to the game is one of the ways that the number of players can grow.

The game experience

The game keeps track of each player’s score. Players will see how each of their answers or decisions affects their own score.  And they will see where they rank against the universe of players – and whether they make it onto the leaderboard.

Cyclic Digital games – an overview
How a financial literacy game can look
How a Cyclic Digital game can help your organization

Our recommended formula for promoting each Cyclic digital game should invariably lead to viral adoption – with truly significant numbers of players. Sponsoring of a Cyclic Digital game therefore has the potential to add immense value to your organisation in a whole host of ways.

Brand reinforcement

Having huge numbers playing a Cyclic Digital game means that many people will associate a particular sector with the corresponding sponsor. For example, a bank or insurer sponsoring a financial literacy game is likely to become synonymous with financial services for many players. And players of an environmental game may associate the sponsoring FMCG manufacturer with environmentally-friendly products.

Product Marketing

The game allows players to experience the value of your products – and this can be a subliminal and highly effective way for players to learn about the real value of your products. The healthy product line of a supermarket sponsoring a dietary game or the products of an insurer sponsoring a financial literacy game can be showcased within the game.

Opportunity to generate sales

Cyclic Digital creates various opportunities within the game for the sponsor to allow players to reach out for more information on products (or even to be directed to a site for making an application or purchase). It can also allow players to chat with your representatives if so desired by the sponsor.

How a Cyclic Digital game can help your organization

Customising for you

Each game is customised to suit the branding

style and needs of the sponsoring organisation.


The game typically incorporates the branding of the sponsor, with the user interface signed off by the sponsor – which also decides on the name of the game.

Adapted to your market

Each game is adapted to be wholly appropriate for the market for which it is intended. As such, the content would be adjusted to take into account factors such as local religion, level of economic development, differences in family units, etc. And, of course, individuals play the game in the local language.

Your products

Where applicable, the game can incorporate the products of the sponsor. This is particularly relevant where the sponsor is a financial services organisation (eg bank or insurer). In such case, the products in the game would mimick the sponsor’s products and adopt the products’ names.

Interested to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring a Cyclic Digital game, please provide the information below. We will get right back to you.